Smart Point of Sales


The point of sale or point of purchase is the time and place where the retail process takes place. At the point of sale, the merchant calculates the amount owed by the customer, determines that amount, and can prepare an invoice for the customer, and indicate the options available to the customer for payment. It is also the point at which the user pays the merchant for goods or after providing him with a specific service.

What is point of sale ?

This System works to determine the price list at which you work or the name of the customer in case of discounts Determined since the climax Determine the quantities and prices, whether through a barcode scanner or manually entering prices By inquiring about price lists Then print the invoice for the customer and his account, whether it is cash or credit as well The program will choose the touch screen when needed

Main Server

  • Defining items, monitoring balances, determining prices and the allowable discount rate.
  • Through the main server, it is possible to prepare more than one distribution list, according to the powers of the sales centers.
  • Read sales, returns, and perishable reports at points of sale.

The Process

  • The Admin Makes The permission For The Users.
  • General permission To The Management to be Able To Add Or Edit All Data.
  • permission To The Users To Enter Data Or Review Only.
  • permission To Review All Reports Using Smart Phone ( In Case Of Subscription In Smart Phone With Smart Business).


  • A Separate Statement For Each Supply
  • Remaining Goods Report.
  • Damaged Goods Report.
  • A Separate Statement For Each Customer.
  • Profit And Loss Statement Report.
  • Expenses Reports.
  • Visa Statement Report.

Why Choose Smart Point of Sales

  • Widely Adopted Due To The Ease Of Usage.

  • Reduces the usage of papers and files.

  • Gives Detailed Reports Of All Data and transactions.

  • Records all operations that took place in the store.

Our Process


Buyer Enters.


choose product.


Scan barcode.

product details and price appears


purchasing process done.


Inventory reports.