Smart Point of Sale

Business Objectives :

Smart Point of sale program considered the easily way to solve and control sales, stores and budget problems.

What kind of data which I entered to the program?

  1. Branches – departments & sections data.
  2. Employees data
  3. Work system data
  4. Customers data
  5. Items data

Which invoices can I get from the program?

  1. Sales invoice.
  2. Returns invoice.
  3. Damaged goods invoice.

You can print any invoice.

Which reports can I get from the program?

  1. A separate statement for each Supplier.
  2. RStagnant goods report.
  3. Damaged goods report.
  4. A separate statement for each customer.
  5. Profit and loss statement report.
  6. Shifts report.
  7. Expenses reports.
  8. Income reports.
  9. Store reports.
  10. Visa statement report

you can export reports to excel sheet.

The program works

  1. The responsible add the database required to make the star up This data can be entered by export from excel file and can take a copy of data base at any time to excel file.
  2. The responsible of the program make the permeation for the users. - General permeation to the management able to enter or edit all data. - Permeation to the users to enter data or review only. - Permeation to review all reports using smart phone ( in case of Subscription in smart phone with smart business).

Why preferred our program more than office and other program?

  1. In our program all we need is one click to get any reports I want unlike excel and others.
  2. In our program you have just to entry data not design tables.
  3. You can convert data into Excel when you need to modify it.
  4. In our program you can get general reports or detailed reports easily without trouble unlike excel.
  5. In general you can save your time and effort by our program.
  6. You can use the program in Arabic or English language.
  7. Provides the highest data protection to our job.
  8. Give each responsible a different permission to access, review, delete and printing into the system to deal with the database.
  9. Ensure you enter the database with a very accurate and easily operation.
  10. Possibility of connecting a lot of devices in more than one place.
  11. Filtering for all process within a certain time.
  12. Easily print any report from any screen with the users name and the date or time.