Smart Point of Sales


A sales point management system(POS) is suitable for companies with multiple selling points, such as supermarkets, clothing and footwear companies, and factories. POS system is designed to ensure the speed of performance and the ease of handling, which takes into account the nature of cashier work. POS system can be fully integrated with a storage management system.

Our Core Features


Dealing with the items in the barcode.


Multiple barcode can be defined by unit of measure.


using different units of measurement for a single item.


defining the sales tax ratio for cashier.


Automatic alarm when selecting a particular item that does not have a quantity in the casher.


  • casher inventory reports showing the amount initiated, the quantity sold and the current quantity.
  • Report on the status of casher orders from the warehouse.
  • System User Operations Report.
  • A report showing the sales outcome from each casher within a specified period.
  • Report showing sales of each sales officer separately.

How it works

1- choose product .

2- Scan barcode .

3- product details and price appears .

4- purchasing process done .