Family Data

A family or individuals who are resigning can be established (individuals who are in the same house but are not close relatives, eg students' homes) When recording data, the program alerts you if the last name is repeated .

Ecclesiastical Education

which I can divide the stages into sectors then divide sectors into classes and assign to each class its own servant and served people (served people may be from the church or outside the church).

people who are in needs

Recording data for each poor fellow families, recording the financial aid and In-kind aid for each family and recording the kind of needs for each family.

Confession schedule

The Pastor can communicate with his people and work out a schedule of daily confession with specific needs and follow-up and knowledge The number of private individuals for each priest and their names with identification of the date of recognition to facilitate follow-up .


For example, you can get a family report in a particular missing area, get a report only for widows, report high school graduates or report visits during a given day, for example, or report a confession to a particular priest.


The definition of the meetings in the church and the knowledge of servants and servants all meetings and attend meetings.

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