Smart Licence Plate Recognition System (L.P.R)


Technology using visual recognition of characters and numbers in images taken through the cameras, to monitors car plates, then record it in database at Time of need for detailed reports to be collected per car and owner. A photograph of the car is taken, the visitor is recorded and the car numbers are linked to the visitor in case the visit is repeated. The program recognizes the car board and allows the visitor to enter without recording again. The exact time and date of each entry is recorded to see which car was recorded in a certain time.

Our Core Features


Accuracy and speed in scanning and reading car plates.


Lower cost and time spent in recording cars.


Storage and archival of car plates data to retrieve data later.


Get detailed reports to him.


Improving security through knowledge of cars plates recorded also frequent visits.


we can extract many reports or any report on demand, for example:

  1. Entry and exit report from dd-mm-yyyy to dd-mm-yyyy.
  2. The weight of cars during entry and exit during the period from dd-mm-yyyy to dd-mm-yyyy.
  3. Car movement report.
  4. Repeated car visit movement report.
  5. Certain car brand entry and exit.

How it works

1- Car Enters.

2- Camera captures the plate.

3- Identify car plates Through the database.

4-Allow / Block to enter.