Smart public station

General goals

- Recording the data of the devices for operation and connecting them to a single network (Access Control - Gates - Printers).
- Record data for passenger cars at the parking lot.
- Connecting passenger cars to lines.
- Define the shape of the position and its corridors.
- Definition of calculation methods for each lane) Adjust the tariff according to.

General goals

- Control the movement of passenger cars, without human intervention.
- Providing manual adjustment in arranging passenger cars when needed.
- An electronic account for drivers when leaving the parking lot ( pay exit Cartridge ).
- The driver receives the receipts for payment electronically.
- Providing the driver to inquire about his account when needed.


- Integration with devices such as ( Barrier Gates - printers - screens).
- Integration with payment systems such as Fawry services.
- Driver roles arrangement.
- Calculating the entry and exit times of drivers, including the time spent for each route.
- The system provides automatic settings for the parking safe immediately after any payments are made.
- A dashboard for the officials of the position.

main definitions

- Define the parking lots.
- Definition of traffic lines.
- Corridor definition.
- Definition of passenger cars.
- Definition of drivers.
- Definition of Cartridge values.
- Define gates.


- Reports of entry and exit at the level of a specific gate or driver - or corridor or province.
- The total and detailed treasury reports.
- Role reports for drivers.
- Role reports for drivers.