Smart public station


The aim of the system is to regulate the movement of general transport positions where technology is as reliable as possible and to reduce non-electronic transactions. We define parking data, parking lanes, number lanes, number of gates, paying method, drivers, transportation vehicles as starting part of the solution. Then we can add government name, parking name also parking identification number we can add a logo to appear in parking reports. We can sync our solution with multiple hardware’s such as barriers gates, access control device, printers, also screens. Our solution is user-friendly when it comes for paying it’s compatible with multiple electronic paying methods. The solutions control the entry and exit of drivers in the parking also the solutions manage drivers standing fees in the parking through online payment.

Our Core Features


Reducing crowdedness through parking’s in professional way.


Reducing any disputes that might arise as a result of human errors in the arrangement of passenger cars.


Reducing dealing in the calculation of traffic charges in times of epidemics.


Ease of information on car route, times, entry times to the parking and departure time from the parking to the government gates.


Ease of access to information by the car drivers.


  1. Entry and exit reports at the level of a particular gate, driver, corridor or government.
  2. Detailed and total vault reports.
  3. Car data reports.
  4. Driver data reports.
  5. Car arrangement report.
  6. Car types report.

How it works

1- Driver booking turn number.

2- Load Passengers.

3- Paying fees.

4- crosses exit gates