Smart Enterprise resource planning (E.R.P)


Our ERP solution consist of four main systems linked together, each system can work separately to do its operations without interfering with the others three systems also the four systems can act as one solution that manages multiple resources.

Storage management system is suitable for all companies with multiple warehouse also selling item, as it contains all the definitions, stores data and contains all the control options for stores and inventory to record their data. In addition, it contains a wide range of reports.

Procurement management system and supplier accounts It is a system through which all offers, purchase orders, purchase invoices, procurement discounts, billing payments related to suppliers, and all transactions with suppliers can be can analysis procurements in a compilation of data reports and statistics.

Sales Management & Client Accounts is a system which manages customer’s data and all customer’s transactions it manages offers of prices, sales orders, bookings, sales bills, discounts, payment and registration of complaints. The system can analysis sales in the compilation of data reports and statistics.

Accounts It's a system that contains all the contents of the accounting cycle from journal entries to closing lists. In addition, to we can get all the accounting reports.

Our Core Features


Enter additional permissions that can be linked to a purchase bill from the procurement system. (


Record payments to suppliers through cash exchange receipts or cheque exchange receipts.


managing the stores of all branches of the company in the case of multi - branch companies.


defining a minimum and a request limit (reset point) and a maximum limit for each item.


Recording client requests and recurrent client requests


Recording opening balances.


  • Report to determine the expiration date of the items.
  • Suppliers' disclosure report is detailed and general.
  • Item order report detailed at client level, client order or port request.
  • Preparation of recurrent daily constraint templates.
  • System User Operations Report.

How it works

1- Production line

2- purchasing

3- sales

4- smart accounting