Smart E.R.P


The program aims to create a strong database for managing any institution's resources Sales, purchases, stores, accounts, points of sale, industrial production, accounts and costs Provided that this base is available, constantly renewable, and subject to modification and addition according to The requirements of any institution with the ability to benefit from this data in the form of detailed reports The summary and alert messages for each part.

Inventory management

The program Inventory are divided into: final products ,raw materials , under manufacture , spare parts , sales point Each move in addition to any identified item in any of the stores previously displayed is linked to invoices Sales with a detailed follow-up of the sales movement of customers .. See More


  • Report all transfer bills within a period of time.
  • Collection commissions for banks and collection representatives reports.
  • Reports of all checks under collection.
  • Follow up production requests.
  • Follow up of operating orders.
  • Follow up the operation of the machines.
  • Customers Payment Methods (Cash - Checks).
  • Reports of sales percentages and the most important items sold.
  • Net sales and net profits' Reports.


Every movement that takes place within the program is recorded with time and date The username and the name of the computer to follow up users adequately while taking advantage of these Data in the form of detailed and aggregate reports of the movements.. Permissions are specified for users and a password for each user is created with the ability to close some screens or not open them except with a password.


Defining the list of suppliers with their detailed data by Enabling the item to be linked to more than one supplier. Purchases' types:
- Purchases of finished products
- Purchases of raw materials
- Purchases of spare parts
- Each of them has his own transactions from purchase orders

Why Choose Smart E.R.P

  • Reduces the usage of papers and files.
  • Helps simplify many processes, which increases the overall productivity of the company.
  • Links the accounts, stores and purchases modules into one system.
  • Gives Detailed Reports Of All the sales movement of each customer
  • Records all operations that took place in the institution with its departments.
  • Keep The Privacy Of The Company Data.

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