Smart E.R.P Management System

The program aims to create a strong database for managing the resources of any organization Sales, purchases, Inventory, accounts, points of sale, industrial production, accounts and costs Provided that this rule is available and renewable continuously and can be modified and added according to The requirements of any institution with the possibility to benefit from this data in the form of detailed reports And total and alert messages specific to each part

Inventory management

The program Inventory are divided into: final products ,raw materials , under manufacture , spare parts , sales point .. More

Sales management

Each move in addition to any identified item in any of the stores previously displayed is linked to invoices Sales with a detailed follow-up of the sales movement of customers, .. More

Production management

A special section for everything related to the production process started from the definition of the machines until the conversion Products to finished product stores.. More

Purchases management

Every purchase within the program is linked to the purchase invoices and the costing account And additional expenses.. More

Accounting management

Each section of the program is linked to the accounts and includes accounts in the program on accounts Simple and daily treasury movement ..


We can extract all reports from the program and we can add reports on demand