Smart Organizer System


The SMART conference and events system facilitates the process of planning, organizing and preparing for conferences Events where the data of the individuals to be invited is imported, the invitees are divided into categories, the invitation inserts are printed, Dealing with invitation cards, upon entry in a more flexible manner, facilitating entry in a superior quality manner.


- Defining the conference / exhibition / seminar / event ... (writing general statements).
- Determine the places of each class in the hall.
- Select a color that distinguishes each category of invitees.
- Determining the places of the invitees inside the hall and determining the entry and exit doors of the invitees for each category.

Invitations processing:

- Invitations processing: importing invitees' data from Excel files into the system database.
-Reviewing the data and photos of those invited to the system and not accepting those that are not clear.
-Design the invitation card by its category
-Printing cards for the invitees on the previously determined designs.


- Reviewing the invitation cards during entry and revealing their source in the shortest possible time.
- Cameras monitor the faces of the invitees and determine their compatibility with the image in the invitation card in the least possible time.
- Regulating entry and exit to the specified doors.
- Welcome messages to the invitees.


- The daily operation report from which it is possible to view the numbers for which permits were issued during the day.
- A report showing the names of the authorities sending data statements.
- A report with the data of the persons whose data was sent by a specific entity.
- The report of the attendees of a comprehensive previous conference on all their statements.

Advanced Features

- The possibility of adding any fields of data for the invitees and calling them in the following conference or event.
- A special machine for preparing lists of international and company employees
- The possibility of identifying the invitees through the face print.
- Data import and export devices, mobile identification, and fingerprint identification.
- The possibility of modifying the photos received from the invitees in more than one way to suit the program's uses.