Smart Organizer System


The system eases the organizing, processing of conferences and exhibitions where the data of individuals to be invited are saved. Exhibitors are divided into categories, invitation cards are handled to ease, high-quality access traffic. The system helps to plan exhibitions with high accuracy that will ensure the success of each step of the subsequent organizing process, by previsualizing the format of the auditorium, the system allows the identification of lists of persons who are prohibited from entering the exhibition, also the location of the conference.

Our Core Features


Locate the exhibitors within the auditorium and identify the entry and exit doors of the exhibitors for each category.


To review the data and photos of the exhibitors of the system and not to accept the unclear ones.


Review the exhibitors' cards while entering and reveal their source.


Ease of deifying countries also identification of the representative of each country if the exhibition is global


allows the identification of lists of persons who are prohibited from entering the exhibition.


  1. daily operating report, from which displays the numbers for which permissions were granted during the day
  2. A report for the data that sent from certain organization.
  3. Report for Numbers of conference attendees during a certain period.
  4. Report of previous conference attendees covering all their information.
  5. Report for the organizations that are going to participate in the conference.

How it works

1- Determine locations

2- Determine the category

3- Link each user category to a specific card.

4-scan QR code or access control.

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