Smart Attendance

Business Objectives:

Keeping track of everyone’s attendance is a big chore whether it is on paper or spreadsheets, trying to track everyone’s down to find out when they were out, and answering questions about how many vacation days they have remaining is time that could be better spent else where.

Smart attendance management system, is a simple user interface for office employees to clock in and clock out at all available work stations.

Easley print an example or an enter department’s time attendance for a given period for payroll.

Smart attendance management system features:

  • - Streaming payroll and reduce errors.
  • - Eliminate buddy punching.
  • - Import time off & overtime management
  • - Minims labor compliance risk

What kind of data which I entered to the program?

Workplace data

  • - Branches data
  • - Departments data
  • - Sections data
  • - Employee data
  • - Attendance branches data

Employees data

  • - Staff by department
  • - Job description
  • - Personal data (name- phone- address- e mail – national number – date of birth ...)
  • - Insurance data
  • - Reference people
  • - Work documents ( copy of id card- contact- social insurance)

Work system data

  • - Attendance basic in all branches
  • - Vacation system
  • - Annual vacation
  • - Permission
  • - Permission

Which reports can I get from the program?

  • - Attendance reports (during a certain period)
  • - Employee data report (categories – kind of jobs – date of work – religion)
  • - Vacations report
  • - Branches or department data reports
  • - Over time data reports
  • - Absence days report
  • - Employee delay reports
  • - The best 20 employee report
  • - Absence days report
  • - Absence without permeation report

you can export all reports to excel sheet

What also can this program gives us?

  • -The program send a notification SMS to the person how make always delay or absence and in the same time to two persons or more for example ( manager – hr. manager
  • - Employee data report (categories – kind of jobs – date of work – religion)
  • - in case of non-response the program send another SMS with strong condition (make it by the responsible of the system and is divided into categories under request:
  • -Notification SMS in case of delay from 1-3 times monthly
  • - Attention notification SMS in case of delay from
  • - six times monthly
  • - Strong notification SMS in case of delay more than 6 tomes monthly.

The program works

  1. The responsible add the database required to make the star up This data can be entered by export from excel file and can take a copy of data base at any time to excel file
  2. The responsible of the program make the permeation for the users.
    • - General permeation to the management able to enter or edit all data.
    • - Permeation to the users to enter data or review only.
    • - Permeation to review all reports using smart phone ( in case of Subscription in smart phone with smart business).
  3. Install any numbers of fingerprint machines in all branches to run the system and make a network using the internet without need of any computer in the other branches where the finger print machine is connected to the internet.
  4. Install the basic attendance for the students
  5. The responsible management of the program enters the national vacation to the system to be calculated with the delay or analysis days.
  6. Install the fingerprint for the students or the ID card and reloaded to any number of machines at any time.
  7. After completing all settings required that students report using finger print or ID card the program analysis data.
  8. In case of forget of student attendance data, can be modified manually.

Why preferred our program more than office and other program?

  1. In our program all we need is one click to get any reports I want unlike excel and others.
  2. In our program you have just to entry data not design tables.
  3. You can convert data into Excel when you need to modify it.
  4. In our program you can get general reports or detailed reports easily without trouble unlike excel.
  5. In general you can save your time and effort by our program.
  6. You can use the program in Arabic or English language.
  7. Provides the highest data protection to our job. finger print or ID card the program analysis data.
  8. Give each responsible a different permission to access, review, delete and printing into the system to deal with the database.
  9. Ensure you enter the database with a very accurate and easily operation.
  10. Possibility of connecting a lot of devices in more than one place.
  11. Filtering for all process within a certain time.
  12. Easily print any report from any screen with the users name and the date or time.