smart accounting


  • Steps for implementing special procedures and accounting approved by the management Supreme for accounts
  • Minute that organizes and monitors the work cycle, This is done via the Smart archiving software which starts with the entities coding from which the company receives correspondence Communication parties.


  • Preparing a directory (tree) of accounts for the establishment.
  • Record the daily restrictions and review them before Migrate it to main accounts.
  • Apply Restriction Templates.
  • Trial balance.
  • Trading account.
  • The profit and loss account.

Cost Accounting Systems

Cost accounting systems record actual costs incurred in delivering a product or service, comparing those costs to standard or planned costs and highlighting variances for investigation and follow up.

Managerial Accounting System

Another managerial accounting system is lean accounting. Lean accounting involves the examination of processes and related results to determine how to create more value for less cost, eliminating waste of resources.

Database Content

Suppliers accounts , Clients’ Accounts , Checks , Complex Tax Calculations , Invoices , Daily Accounts , Revenue Bills , Expenses Bills , Review Accounts

Accounting Reports

  • Revenue during a period.
  • Revenue from a specific entity during a period.
  • Expenses during a period.
  • Expenses for a specific item during a period.
  • Treasury movement during a period.
  • The balance is in the treasury in a specific currency.