smart accounting


Accounts It's a system that contains all the contents of the accounting cycle from journal entries to closing lists. In addition, to we can get all the accounting reports. Our accounting system works with different currencies, it prints pdf and excel reports, it prints detailed reports or general reports, also the system can force the user to add files with every single move.

Our Core Features


Bank audit and recording of bank settlements.


Cash Receipt.


Record opening notes for accounts.


The possibility of dealing with different foreign currency.


Show the username that executed the move, the time and date of execution.


  • Report for Determination of types of expenses and estimated value.
  • Report for Determination of types of payment and actual value.
  • Report of banks with accounts.
  • Report for Statement of foreign bank balances.
  • Report for Statement of local bank balances.

How it works

1- Production line

2- purchasing

3- sales

4- smart accounting