Smart Human Resources Management System


Software Objective is to create a strong database for human resources management which includes company hierarchy and employee data which provides us detailed and comprehensive reports with regards to personnel, attendance and payroll which provide the flexibility for improvements, and be able to being up to date with taxes calculations rules, insurance calculations rules and the enterprise attendance policy, it works in three lines Managers , HR staff & Employees , There are three types of smart HR : Desktop App , Web App and Android App

Company hierarchy structure

Administrators can set company hierarchy structure started with Sections then locations and departments, each department has its sections and subsections ended with jobs You can filter employees data according to sections, locations, departments, Departments sections, departments subsections and job.

  • - You can import hierarchy data from Excel sheet
  • - Locations work time automatically applied to employees with possibility to make exceptions
  • - Locations and departments managers can review employees data of the department that he managed
  • - Possibility of review employee hierarchy history More


Smart Personnel module includes a detailed employees data started from recruitment and hiring date then create employee file includes employment documents, personal data, education data, job data, contact data, insurance data, contract data ended to employee disclaimer and archive employee file Smart Personnel module also includes vacations, permissions, missions and custodies It supported by detailed and comprehensive reports More


Firstly administrators set attendance time and rules which includes arrive late, left early, absence, single attendance record" in or out" , overtime and work in weekends or holydays .Smart HR system has a feature of sending attendance reports periodically to managers and team works .All locations can be connected by Smart HR database with unlimited numbers of attendance machines. Administrators can make exceptions in work time for a specific employees or departments in a limited period .There are a separated section for access control process flow with the same attendance reports More


Smart HR System has a characterized of the flexibility of calculate salaries with more than one way, Smart HR System can processing and find solution for the unlimited and complicated salaries variables. The work law is already defined in Smart HR System which helps to calculate taxes and insurance percentages with the possibility of make changes in it. Administrators can set payroll templates with unlimited numbers of maturities and deductions. There is a section for saving monthly bonuses, penalties and loans with possibility of edit, review or print it . After calculate salaries variables the system can analyses and calculate the effects of attendance operations .There is a possibility of calculate salaries per hours with a comprehensive and detailed reports about it More

presentation vedio for the application