Smart VMS For school

Control and secure the process of parents 'receipt of students by establishing a strong database of students' attendance and attendance data while making use of these data in aggregate and detailed reports

Parental receipt is made for students through:

Record the data for the first time students receive the program and attach a picture of them.

Provide card access (Access card) that does not give the authority to receive the student only the holder of the card with the confirmation of its data and show the image of the student and the guardian of the supervisor of the role and responsible for the separation

Students Affairs

Student Affairs Officers review students attendance and attendance data according to the receipt of their parents and their review of the recipient's picture and data


All students are enrolled in the school so that the attendance and departure of the students is known

And also the registration of the parents' access to the image of the person responsible for receiving the student


All vehicle data and driver identification are defined

Connect students with every car and when driving cars


Report on the presence and departure of students

Report on the persons who received the students and their data

Report on persons not authorized to receive students


The program can be connected to the surveillance cameras where the students or their parents are recognized as soon as they are in front of the camera.

Enable the program to connect any number of fingerprints to any number of branches to control the attendance and departure process.

Allows the program to be linked to any number of machine control access devices, so that the process of setting paths for parents is set.

The program is connected to devices like ID scanner where a scan of the data on the card, passport and driving license is done in written data.