Smart visitor management system School


Our solution provides follow-up for student attendance, departure, also set and secure of the student escort. The solution manages student school expenses; we can integrate it with security cameras to verify the student or the parent’s identity also the solution can be integrated with speakers to notify the student about their parent’s arrival and where they writing them.

Our Core Features


Enter all student information into the program, school expenses statements and payment date.


Entry and exit cards are printed for each student from within the program.


The student's name in class is called by the program to warn that caretaker is waiting for him.


Have the ability to give user more privileges on certain matter than other user.


monitoring all movements of attendance and departure of students also their parents.


  1. Student caretaker reports.
  2. Reports on people that are not allowed to escort students from school.
  3. Report on all the cars and their driver.
  4. Reports for the students who have not paid their fees.
  5. Reports for student’s permission.

How it works

1- enter data for the student and parents

2- register each child in his class

3- register attendance card for the child

4-the child leaves when his parent called him by the id card.

5- the admin reviews all the activities happen all day.