Smart V.M.S school


A complete training that enables the following-up of the attendance, control, and securing of child caretaker’receipt also follow up on students' subscriptions, expenses by creating a strong database For each student’s data and the ability to benefit from this data with detailed total report.


  • It is possible to know the attendance and departure of all students and record entry and exit of the Parents.
  • The program to be connected to surveillance cameras, where students are recognized or Guardian by just standing in front of the camera.
  • Can Enter all students and expenses data within the program side to side with the School and payment dates.


  • Ease of printing entry and exit cards for each student from Inside the program.
  • Determine the course paths so that the student knows the direction Specified to get to the guardian.
  • Registering all cars' data, identifying drivers and connecting students with Every car and when cars move or any notes are recorded.

Technologies used in the program

  • OCR It is a technology that enables you to convert different types of OCR technology, Scans documents such as scanned paper documents into editable data documents.
  • Face recognition technology is a technology capable of identify someone by verified digital photo.


  • A report of the people who received the students and their data.
  • A report of persons who are not authorized to receive students.
  • A report of all cars and their drivers.
  • Student bills report.

Why Choose Smart V.M.S school

  • Widely Adopted Due To The Ease Of Usage .
  • increase the safety of the children
  • Gives Detailed Reports Of All children Entered And Left.
  • Gives Detailed Reports Of All buses Entered And Left

Our Process


enter data for the student and parents


register each child in his class


register attendance card for the child

the child leaves when his parent called him by the id card


the admin reviews all the activites happen all day