Printing Management System


Facilitating the process of issuing membership cards in the institution through design development In the ease of placing data on it from the database in the program.


- Reports of the number of students in a particular academic year.
- Report of the attendance and departure of visitors (students - workers).
- Report of persons not authorized to enter

cards printing

- Creating a separate and different design for each of the existing categories Within the institution.
- You can print with any of the available types of cards (RFID - NFC). These cards are distinguished by the fact that there is a chip inside that is stored Data for each visitor.
- Knowing the whereabouts of your visitors and tracking their movements through Reader range long mode for reading each visitor's card and knowing Where they are.


- Print membership cards easily and quickly.
- Register an unlimited number of names within the program.
- Ease of transferring and transferring data (transferring students' data from one academic year to another Another study and print membership cards for them).
- The program database can be linked to any other database.