Printing Management System


Facilitating the process of issuing membership cards in the institution through design development In the ease of placing data on it from the database in the program.

Our Core Features


Different card designs for each of the existing categories Inside the organization.


Can print on any of the available types of cards (RFID-NFC) and these cards have a chip that stores on each visitor's data.


Allow students or visitors to enter specific places within the organization also find out their location.


The program can be linked to face recognition, to check for the identity of a person on the card then compare it with the data on the database.


The program database connecting, to any other program.


The program can detect card holder’s location through the long range reader.


  1. Report on attendance and departure of visitors.
  2. Report on unauthorized persons.
  3. Report on the number of employees in a given department in a specific year.

How it works

1- Determine locations

2- Determine the category

3- Link each user category to a specific card.

4-scan QR code or access control.

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