Smart Archiving System


Smart archiving system is a solution that reduces paperwork. Our solution works by scanning documents, converting them into digital forms, storing them in the database with the ability to refer to them at any time; this process is called digitization.

Our Core Features


control and organize the correspondences between the divisions and the various entities.


High speed of sending and receiving correspondences.


Ease of dealing between departments and directors.


Save files and organize them more securely.


The confidentiality of the data written in any document, the non-access of people without authority to it.

Ease of searching

ase of searching for any document, whether through correspondence, document type, date, or any written statement in it.


Protecting workers from being infected in times of epidemics from touching surfaces and paper documents.


Detailed and aesthetic reports can be extracted by the system including any input statement in printed report formats, PDF files, Excel, or graph illustrations.

  1. Correspondence reports within a time.
  2. One - on - one call reports.
  3. documents Reports in the system archive.
  4. case follow-up reports.
  5. Reports of correspondence officials.

How it works

1- data on papers

2- ocr scan

3- data index

4-Save in database