Smart visitor management system (V.M.S)


The purpose of the system is to facilitate the rapid and high-precision visitor data registration with creation of a database. Strong data that can be referred to at the time of need by detailed and aggregate reports for every single movement of visitors through the facility. Our solution uses OCR technology enables you to transfer paper documents to digital documents that enables editing and adjusting, by connecting the solution with the barriers we can control barriers opening and closing; these barriers will respond only to the specific card, also security cameras can be connected to VMS making the facility more secured because our solution contains face recognition technology that can track the face of the visitor through the facility.

Our Core Features


The program examines and extracts all data in the identity generated by government agencies such as (Personal card - driver's license - passport).


The time of entry and exit of the visitor, the date of visit, the host and the purpose of the visit is recorded.


All buildings, halls and gates within the facility are also defined to track visitor’s movement inside the facility.


A visitor's pass can be suspended in case of a security alert.


Through the program, it is possible to determine the match of the image of the face captured from the CCTV and the image of the face.


  1. Report of unauthorized access notes for unauthorized visits.
  2. Multiple visit report on the number of visits per visitor.
  3. Query for visitors denied entry according to a security alert.
  4. Query on the movement of entry and exit of a particular gate.
  5. Explain where the person moved in the facility.
  6. Query about the visitors who were logged in by car showing the car's data.
  7. Daily visit report on visits within a specified period or time of the day.

How it works

1- Visitor Enter

2- scan verification card

3- live picture of the visitor

4-OCR verification card