Smart Visitor Management System


OCR technology is a technology that enables you to convert various types of scanned paper documents to editable data.

The program allows you to check government issued identity cards Or other credentials, The program can determine the amount of information extracted From the card Basic data such as (name - address - card number) only Or sub-data (date of birth - function - social status). More

Our Process


Visitor Enter


scan verfication card


live picture of the visitor

Notify That Some One Comming


OCR verfication card


visitor signout


Our Features

Extract Personnal information from IDcard & driving licence.

Scan and archive the visitors data (Check in, Check out, visitors count).

Making Security Clearance for some people.

Add live image to visitor from Security Cam.

security alert if unwanted person from Visitor Blacklist enter the facility .

Give permissions authority for some people (security man - security manager - etc.)

Emergency reports to know who in the facility.

improve Building security and enhancing the image of the facility.

Link VMS & HR System

With Smart we can integrate Vms with HR system that can idintify all company employee and mangers.

Meeting Room Schedules

Now your visitor management system able to manage people and there menial tasks quickly, and email the invite for participants to add to their calendar.

Custom Reports

There is complete data on every visitor that has ever been to a facility and that data can be mined to identify trends.