Smart Parking System

Entrance Gate

- Possibility To Store Data For The Car During The Entry
- The System Shows The Easy And Precise Capacity Of The Garage And The Number Of Cars Inside And The Number Of Available Places.
- Automatic Control Of Access Gates Ensures That Vehicle Preparation And Waiting Systems Are Not Manipulated, It Support Various Types Of Gates, Barcodes, Magnetic Cards And Cameras.

Exit Gates

- Print Cash Receipts For The Customer To Control The Movement Of Cash Inside The Garage.
- Support Different Ways Of Receiving Cash (Cash, Instant Cards, Prepaid Cards).
- Support Various Types Of Gates, Barcode Systems, Magnetic Cards And Surveillance Cameras.

Multiple waiting systems

The system operates in a dynamic manner, where a large number of systems can be defined inside the garage such as (Hourly, Daily, Monthly subscription, Annually, overnight, prepaid cards, subscriptions, waiting, cinemas, etc).


-Specify The Permissions Of The Program's Employees To Protect The Privacy Of The Data.
- Control The Waiting Prices For Each System And How To Calculate The Different Values ​​Efficiently.
- The System Is Supported By Traffic Reports Within The Garage Within A Certain Period.

Why Choose Smart Parking Software

  • Full Control Of The Parking Area .
  • Widely Adopted Due To The Ease Of Usage .
  • Improve The Quality Of The Service Given .
  • Gives Detailed Reports Of All Cars Entered And Left.
  • Keep The Data Of The Cars Private
  • Check Our Data Sheet .

Our Process


Car Enters


parking ticket


Spend time inside the facility

Car Leaves


Calculate And Pay