Smart Parking System


Our parking solution manages the number of cars, parking slots, control of access gates also vehicle entering plus departing. Smart parking solution provides all housing systems for vehicles. We guarantee facility security by integrating our solution with cameras to monitor entering also, Departing vehicles. The solution scans the visitors' identification card, license card. We provide you with the ability to extract reports. our solution has a variety of subscriptions method to cover each client's needs. The solution provides a large number of reports for car information in the parking area, extracting a large number of reports regarding visitor's parking fees, also identifies numbers of available parking slots. Smart parking solution records each entry also a departure of cars through gates without human element; only one account officer is needed. The system provides a solution to the missing card problem. Our parking solution provides several different calculation methods (Hourly, day, step) also, an hour breakdown system is available. The solution provides a hospitality method for visits or free hospitality for a specific duration during the visit. The solutions provide the ability to access account details also the residual value of the visitor parking fees. The solution provides employee security with username and password per the employee terms of reference and authority.

Our Core Features


A ready‑made, implemented solution compatible with various types of payment terminals.


high-speed and precision scanning for reading car boards.


has the possibility to store data for the car during the entry.


support different ways of receiving cash (cash, instant cards, prepaid cards).


Store and archive data where it reachable later.


we can extract many reports or any report on demand, for example:

  1. Entry and exit reports.
  2. Reports of car drivers.
  3. Reports on the daily vault totals with the payment of the subscribers.
  4. Reports for car plating data.
  5. Vaults cycle reports.
  6. Subscription reports.
  7. Categories usage reports.
  8. Terminal reports.
  9. Car waiting reports.
  10. Entrance missing cards report.
  11. Free Car Guest Report

How it works

1- Car Enters

2- Parking Ticket

3- Calculate And Pay

4-Car leaves