Public Parking Solution

Purpose Of The System

  • The arrival and departure of the car is fully controlled by the mobile app. Car payment is controlled according to an automated pre-paid electronic payment methods (Fawry-VISA-etc....).


  • Full control on the automation factore .
  • Same program and payment card can be used in all parking slots associated in the program .
  • Easy, sufficient and low cost program
  • All subscriptions are done by a simple mobile application.


  • Saves time and money by reducing wasting time on searching for empty parking spaces .
  • Reducing the human interaction by substituting human activity with an automated system .
  • The system can be operated by two simple modes; either by batteries or by connecting with an electric cable .

Why Choose Smart Public Parking Software

  • Full Control Of The Parking Area.

  • Widely Adopted Due To The Ease Of Usage.

  • Improve The Quality Of The Service Given.

  • Gives Detailed Reports Of All Cars Entered And Left.

  • Keep The Data Of The Cars Private.

Our Process


Parking closed


Reserve a spot by time


car arrives

parking spot opens


charge by mobile app