Ecommerce Solution


It is an integrated solution provided by our company, through which you can buy and sell goods and services, via a computer network or software in which to implement transactions or sales terms electronically. The integrated web site displays the products to be sold, and it also has controls board that can control many things inside the site. The Ecommerce system consists of Desktop software that manages storages through in which to add and delete products to be posted on the site, also many sales and procurement-related reports can also be extracted through it.

Our Core Features


Faster purchase/sale procedures, as well as easy to find products.


Follow - up sales moves on a daily basis.


Customers can easily choose products from vendors without actually moving around.


You can control the route of the shipment or the value of the shipment by quantity, product or category.


There's a page for every client who can keep track of their purchases and update their data.


  1. Product sales reports.
  2. Reports on the expiration date of the products.
  3. Reports on the Value of Unsold Products.
  4. Reports on the value of damaged products.
  5. Reports to compare sales prices to cost values.
  6. Reports of sales and product discounts.
  7. Reports for Bestselling products also least selling products.
  8. Reports on product profits by cost and price.

How it works

1- Add products through Desktop application

2- Add price or discounts.

3- Products appear on the website.

4- The client interacts with the website..