Ecommerce Solution

What Is Ecommerce

It is an integrated solution provided by Smart Business, through which you can buy and sell goods and services over a network The computer or the Internet through which the transactions or terms of sale are executed electronically.

you can manage every thing in your App like :

- products
- customers
- Discounts
- payment methods
- Reports

Solution ecommerce consists of.

- 1- An integrated website through which the products to be sold are displayed, and it has a giant control panel With it, it can control many things inside the site
- 2 - Desktop program for stores, through which you can add and delete products to be displayed on the site, It is also possible through it to extract many reports related to sales and purchases.

most important features of the ecommerce

- Faster buying / selling procedures, plus easy to find products.
-usability (very good in UX).
-Very good design (very good in UI)
-High performance.
-The site is Full Dynamic , where you can control the entire content of the site, either by adding or Modification or deletion by the control panel.
-Provides many payment methods.