Smart Inventoey Management System

is a system used to oversee the flow of products and services in and out of an organization and also to create invoices and purchase orders, generate receipts and control inventory-related accounting.

Our Inventory management software enables managers to get any report they need which linked to sales and purchases with commission expense to each delegate, You can also get a warning msg when near the expire date of any product in your inventory.

Database Content:

  • - Inventories guide
  • - Products guide
  • - Categories guide
  • - Products card
  • - The start of products quantity
  • - Invoices
  • - Added orders
  • - Exchange orders
  • - Transfer orders
  • - Review products quantity

Database Reports:

  • - Products sales
  • - products expire date
  • - products quality
  • - Delegates sales
  • - Delegates commissions
  • - The value of unsold products
  • - The value of damaged products
  • - Sales plan
  • - Suppliers list
  • -Customers list
  • -Price lists
  • -A detailed account statement of each customer
  • -A detailed account statement of each supplier

You can set your price lists to each customer with possibility to edit it in case of need.

You can get all reports in EXCEL or PDF file