smart inventory

The Purpose Of The System

- Defining the item codes according to the company classification code through the items screen, where it is available to the user.
- Enter any number of items with the introduction of the item code and its bar-code with the possibility to enter
- Bar-code for each item according to the supplier.
-Any number of stores and data for each store can be defined.


- Stores allowed to be used
- Items allowed to be used.
- Suppliers allowed to deal with.
- The validity of making returned invoices and sales replacement.
- The validity of making returned invoices and replacing purchases.

What Is Inventory System ?

Is A System Used To Oversee The Flow Of Products And Services In And Out Of An Organization And Also To Create Invoices And Purchase Orders, Generate Receipts And Control Inventory-Related Accounting.


Our Inventory Management Software Enables Managers To Get Any Report They Need Which Linked To Sales And Purchases With Commission Expense To Each Delegate, You Can Also Get A Warning Msg When Near The Expire Date Of Any Product In Your Inventory.

Database Content

Inventories Guide , Products Guide , Categories Guide , Products Card , The Start Of Products Quantity , Invoices , Added Orders , Exchange Orders , Transfer Orders , Review Products Quantity

Accounting Reports

Products Sales , Products Expire Date , Products Quality , Delegates Sales , Delegates Commissions , The Value Of Unsold Products ,The Value Of Damaged Products , Sales Plan , Suppliers List , Customers List , Price Lists