smart inventory


Storage management system is suitable for all companies with multiple warehouse also selling item, as it contains all the definitions, stores data and contains all the control options for stores and inventory to record their data. In addition, it contains a wide range of reports. Storage management system allows the user to define of an infinite number of items ,stores, link items to more than one resource, searching for items with a lot of data, the most important of which is code, barcode, name and the piece number once the first digit or character of the item data is written the rest of the name or piece number also code is automatically completed.

Our Core Features


Identifying items, linking them to stores, suppliers and units of measure and introducing more than one image of the item.


Define a tree of categories with an infinite number of levels to link to items.


Enter settlement permissions by discount or by addition.


Moving warehouse balances to start a new year with new first term balances.


The possibility of defining more than bar code for a single item.


  • Reports on each registration record in the daily movements of the system.
  • Item card report.
  • Inventory report at any moment.
  • Report on total quantities of sales for total items.
  • Report of steady items.

How it works

1- Production line

2- purchasing

3- sales

4- smart accounting