Smart Face Recognition


Facial recognition is a technology that is able to verify a person from a digital photo or video also comparing specific facial features of a particular person with the faces inside the database. Smart Face Recognition System integrates with SMART Human Resources System, as it serves the attendance and departure process in an integrated way to extract attendance and departure reports.

Our Core Features


The identification of the visitor inside a large group of individuals.


Person face is only registered once then saved in database.


Speed in image processing, comparing it to images already in the database, and displaying results.


High accuracy in identify people from long distances.


The system can be integrated with multiple systems.


  1. Reports for entry and exit dates as soon as the person pass through.
  2. Extracting detailed reports of visitors with pictures taken for them through security cameras or pictures in their identification cards.
  3. Reports for specific security employee for a specified period and during a specific time.
  4. Reports for attendance and departure in general or detailed.

How it works

1- Visitor Enter

2- live picture of the visitor

3- Scan The Visitor Face

4-Compare face With The Database

5- Verify The Visitor Face

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