Smart Face Recognition

How It Work

There Are Multiple Methods In Which Facial Recognition Systems Work, But In General, They Work By Comparing Selected Facial Features From Given Image With Faces Within A Database. It Is Also Described As A Biometric Artificial Intelligence Based Application That Can Uniquely Identify A Person By Analyzing Patterns Based On The Person's Facial Textures And Shape.


While Initially A Form Of Computer Application, It Has Seen Wider Uses In Recent Times On Mobile Platforms And In Other Forms Of Technology, Such As Robotics. It Is Typically Used As Access Control In Security Systems And Can Be Compared To Other Biometrics Such As Fingerprint Or Eye Iris Recognition Systems.

Why Choose Smart Face Recognition

  • The Accuracy Of Facial Recognition System As It Is A Biometric Technology.
  • Widely Adopted Due To The Ease Of Usage .
  • Reduces The Probability Of Human Infection.
  • Gives Detailed Reports Of All visitors entered the facility.
  • Keep Data Privacy with Facial Recognition
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Our Process


Visitor Enter


live picture of the visitor


Scan The Visitor Face

Compare face With The Database


Verify The Visitor Face


Allow To Enter


Provide the Mangement with Full Reports