Smart Thermal Detection


An independent epidemic prevention solution with integrated thermal imaging technology and network processing system to perform high-speed body temperature measurement, real-time human screening for early warning and video surveillance recording.


Registration of people using smart software like Smart Visitor Management System in your business facility in one single system by preventing the high body temperature from accessing the facility. Collecting high body temperature visitors and employees data for monitoring.


  • - Mobile Application for Remote Monitoring.
  • - In Built Wi-Fi, Alarm & Two Way Audio.
  • - Fully Integrated with our Smart VMS
  • - Fully Integrated with our Smart Face Recognition.
  • - Fully Integrated with our Smart HR .


  • - AI based body temperature measurement system for epidemic fever detection.
  • - In Built Thermal Temperature Sensor..
  • - Detection Distance 0.2 ~ 1.0 Meter.
  • -Hotspot Function and Direct Display Support on Digital Screen.

Standalone Working Mode

- The System is equipped with inbuilt Wi-Fi and rechargeable battery with up to 8 hours’ backup that enable portable usage of the camera mounted on a tripod stand.
-Wi-Fi network enables the camera to connect with online server through internet router. All online cameras can be accessed remotely via Mobile & PC software application using Device ID and Password.

Why Choose Smart Thermal Detection system

  • The Accuracy Of Thermal Detection System as It Is A Bio-metric Technology.
  • Widely Adopted Due To The Ease Of Usage .
  • Reduces The Probability Of Human Infection.
  • Gives Detailed Reports Of All visitors entered the facility.
  • Check Our Data Sheet .

Our Process


Visitor Enter


live picture of the visitor


check the temperature of the visitor

Allow to enter