Smart School Managment system

Smart School Consists of two Parts one is

Student Affairs and the other for the school Accounting.

Students Affairs

This part is to define school stages and students in every stage and other things like


School Stages

Includes all grades, their order and the number of years of schooling for each stage.

School Classes

Includes all grades, number of classes and number of students per semester.


The subjects are introduced as (Arabic - Calculus - Science - Studies...) with the definition of years of study of each article.

Teachers Data

All teacher data (name, national number, mobile number, insurance number, subjects taught by...).

Students Data

All student data (student's name, date of birth, date of school enrollment, religion, Parental job...).

New Year

At the end of the school year, the program will relay the survivors at each stage to the next stage.

Buses Data

All vehicle data for the school (car name, model, number of passengers, license expiry date...).

Classes Report

The report of the classes shows the names of all the students present in each class of the school and shows the names and data of each student. There is a count of the total number of students girls, number of students boys, The newcomers, Muslim-Christian.

school Accounting

Accounts part is divided into two parts income and expenses .


Education Income

The school fees for each stage and the method of payment, whether it is cash or installments and the number of installments paid and remaining.

Books Income

Is to pay the expenses of the books needed by each student in the school year.

Buses Subscriptions

Is to pay the expenses of the books needed by each student in the school year.

Income from uniform

It is especially the accounts of school uniforms expenses for all grades.

Income Report

It is a report of all communications, subscriptions paid or remaining contributions, using detailed and total revenue reports with filtering of communications within a certain time period, specific language or class receipts, or specific student receipts.

Payroll Data

All teachers' salary data (insurance - basic - bonuses - cadre - discount - extra...).



Define all items of school expenses from salaries, incentives and cleaning tools.

Expenses Report

Calculate all expenses during a period supported by detailed and total reports for each item.

Remaining Report

A report on the names of students who are not paid for school expenses.