Smart L.P.R Management System

  • It is a technique that uses visual recognition of license plate numbers , taken by the cameras , Cars to create a robust, referenceable database Time of need, with detailed and aggregate reports for each vehicle Its owner.

  • Increasing plate reading accuracy is just the beginning, as LPR provides the vehicle type, color , direction and body type.

  • In Case the visitor exits with a car different from the vehicle in which he entered, the security officer will be alerted and an alarm be sounded, as the metal plate data for that car will be linked to the visitor's data and picture More

Our Process


Car Enter


Scan Car plate number


Store Car Data If Its The First Time

identify car plates Through the database


identify Car plate number


Alert If Car Prevented


Our Features

Lbr can Access All Vehicle Attributes And Used In Many Places

High accuracy and speed in scanning And read car panels

Reducing cost and time Registering cars

Storage and archiving of data, for later reference

Get a lot of detailed and aesthetic reports

Improving security by knowing the cars that are registered per day and the frequent visits

The program works 100% without internet where   Ensures data protection and privacy

Public Safety

Home Security

Parking Operations

Electronic Tolling

Software Development

Customer Loyalty