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Smart Visitor Management System

The visitor management system is designed to automate the process of visitor's access, makes it faster, easier, more accurate and secure. It provides the system with features that makes it unique and irreplaceable. It has is the ability to read the national ID printed on the card and convert it to readable database format in less than 5 seconds. The system is integrated with Access Control, Security gates and CCTV cameras to ensure maximum control and security. It also provides the authorization to the visitors issued by the hosts through the WEB interface. Each visitor can view his visits reports from his personal account on the WEB.

  ID Card OCR

OCR technology is a technology that enables you to convert various types of paper documents to editable data.

The program allows you to check government issued identity cards Or other credentials such as (driving license or passport) The databases are filled with black lists and white lists Tracking visitors and storing information such as time, date, and person To which the visitor came for the purpose of the visit   The program can determine the amount of information extracted From the card Basic data such as (name - address - card number) only Or sub-data (date of birth - function - social status) All visitor data is archived and can be consulted at the time of need

  License Plate Recogniation

The program can recognize existing characters and numbers On the plates of the Egyptian cars and then the data is used Resulting to compare with existing records in the database Access specific information such as vehicle owner, Place of registration, address, etc.

 Face Recognition

Facial recognition technology is one of the fastest Security technologies are growing Because it enables the accurate and rapid identification of individuals and compares the image Coming from the analysis and matching with the image Stored in the program if any event is given a warning or alert There is a match The program can determine the match ratio Example (If the match is 70% or less, the person is not allowed to enter and if it is higher Allowed to enter)

  Meeting Room Schedules

Now consider your visitor management system. It should be able to manage this whole booking process quickly, and email the invite for participants (within and outside of your organization) to add to their calendar. Within the system, you should also be able to check the ‘asset tracker’ to see who last had the projector and make a booking from there

 Paths and Tracking visitors

The program facilitates visitor tracking within the facility by knowing the path of each visitor within the facility.
What are the routes? Specific lines are set by the customer, which determines the visitor's route. For example, if the visitor wants to enter the account section, enter the building A then enter room B and enter room C. When entering each visitor is given a card proxies to open the doors inside the path so it facilitates the process of tracking the place of each visitor record the movements of visitors within the facility by knowing the last door crossed from it.

  Control Room

The program is connected to any number of surveillance cameras provided that the CAM is IP. The visitor is monitored within the organization through the cameras and access control devices connected to the program. If an undesirable person visits the institution as soon as the cameras are known, the program is activated. With the possibility of controlling the entry and exit of doors and prevent him from entering rooms or rooms in kind.