Smart VMS

Smart Visitor Management system is a suite of software solutions for any organization to collect, store and manage Visitor information with possibility of make connection with Access control devices, CCTV, Scanner, Barrier gates and bollards.

The visitor management system is designed to automate the process of visitor's access, makes it faster, easier, more accurate and secure. It provides the system with features that makes it unique and irreplaceable. It has is the ability to read the national ID printed on the card and convert it to readable database format in less than 5 seconds. The system is integrated with Access Control, Security gates and CCTV cameras to ensure maximum control and security. It also provides the authorization to the visitors issued by the hosts through the WEB interface. Each visitor can view his visits reports from his personal account on the WEB.

Card OCR

National ID recognition and convert it to text. The program automatically inserts each statement into its place.

ID Card pass

ID card is for identification and allows the user to enter particular security areas, depending on the registered of the ID card.

Face Detection & Tracking

We propose a real time system for person detection, recognition and tracking techniques.

Send alert Mail

Alert if an undesirable person visits, Alert if the visitor is in the organization after the time specified for his visit

CCTV in Progress

Once the visitor enters the institution, the cameras take the image of the visitor and after registering linking them to the ID-card.

Identify authorities

Permissions are set for users and a user-specific password is created with the ability to close