Smart HR Software Purpose

A centralized human resources software solution allows employees and their managers to communicate how individual goals relate to the company's goals and to ease the process of tracking performance on these goals. ... This boost in employee productivity naturally leads to increased profitability for the company.

Administrative structure

Communication start with building a strong Database Infrastructure for the employee, handling all their daily requests like permissions, vacations and missions.

Employee Database Module

This is the First Part of Smart Human Resources Management System

Attendance and departure

Second, the company need to track the employee attendance, which is very easily established using Smart Human Resources Management System, that allows the Administrator to connect as many different number of machines as the work conditions needs. Attendance Machines and Access Controls can be easily installed on Smart Human Resources Management System and tracking the attendance or entry of the employees to certain locations.

Calculation of salaries

Then comes the financial part of the Employee Salary which is the third main module in Smart Human Resources Management System, that allows adding salary elements and Bonus or Penalty and Loan values easily to the monthly salary sheet.
All modules are integrated together to reach the most reliable output to the HR and Financial Administrators

Online Modules and Reports

All communication with Managers are done through our Employee Self-Help module

Reports to analyze Employee Behavior are just a click away of your hand.


Detailed presentation for Smart Program

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