` Smart Membership

Smart membership software solutions

Business Objectives:

The program works on solving problems for clubs when the numbers of members go to extent that is difficult to control and also solve difficult problems to control any numbers of branches in the same time.

Many clubs give to the member a permission to enter into all of branches not a single. So this program is designed to solve these problems.

What kind of data which I entered to the program?

1- Clubs Data

- Data of branches
- Time of clubs
- Activities

2- Members Data

- Members division by sections.
- joining in activities.
- personal data ( name – national number- city - center – date of birth – age – qualification – specialization – graduation – job )

3- Membership data.

- type of membership
- voucher number
- membership number
- end date

4- Contact data

- phone number
- E-mail
- facebook

5- Activities data

- activity name
- trainer data
- members data
- training time
- number of members
- joining fees

What also the program adds to me?

1- membership general reports
2- print membership forms
3- print receipt
4- print membership id card
5- accounting system
6- you can search and inquires about any member data.
7- You can inquire a list of all active members.