Smart center management system

Business Objectives:

Learning objectives is always a student- centered operation in order to maintain this objective, we need to monitor all actions, starting from creating a full database with all student information, grouping students based on subjects, recording student attendance, following student progress through monitoring their homework and exam results, ending with a family update of how the student learning process is moving.

What kind of data which I entered to the program?

1- Students data

-personal data ( name – father – family – national number – date of birth – gender – personal picture )
- Study data ( school – school year – phase)
- Contact data ( E- mail – phone number)
- Notes
- Attendance ( install the attendance of students on the finger print machine)

2- Teachers data

personal data ( name – father – family – national number – date of birth – gender – personal picture )
- Contact data ( E- mail – phone number)
- Job data ( school – specialization )
- Notes

3- Subjects data

- Subject’s Name
- Subject Code
- language
- Notes

4- Schools data

- School’s Name
- language
- E-mail
- Phone Number
- Address
- Notes about school

5- Class room data

- Name
- Icon
- level
- number of places
- appointments
- Possibilities of class room
- Notes

6- Groups data

- Group Name
- Group’s code
- The maximum numbers for the group
- School days and lessons schedules
- Subjects ( name – year – language)
- Teacher
- School year
- Notes

7- Exams data

- Exam’s name
- Code
- Subject
- Percentage Notes

8- Homework data

- Homework name
- Code
- Subject
- Percentage Notes

9- Accounting data

- Income- Expenses
- Teachers' salaries

Which reports can I get from the program?

- Exams grades report
- Homework grades report
- Students results and print certificates
- Students assessment report
- Students attendance report
- Students absence report
- Students delay report
- Best students report
- Accounting reports (expenses – income- teacher’s salaries)

Notes: all reports are printed or exports in excel sheet

Why preferred our program more than office and other program?

1- In our program all we need is one click to get any reports I want unlike excel and others.
2- In our program you have just to entry data not design tables.
3- You can convert data into Excel when you need to modify it.
4- In our program you can get general reports or detailed reports easily without trouble unlike excel.
5- In general you can save your time and effort by our program.
6- You can use the program in Arabic or English language.
7- Provides the highest data protection to our job.
8- Give each responsible a different permission to access, review, delete and printing into the system to deal with the database.
9- Ensure you enter the database with a very accurate and easily operation
10- Possibility of connecting a lot of devices in more than one place.
11- Filtering for all process within a certain time.
12- Easily print any report from any screen with the users name and the date or time.

The program works

1- The responsible add the database required to make the star up This data can be entered by export from excel file and can take a copy of data base at any time to excel file.
2- The responsible of the program make the permeation for the users
- General permeation to the management able to enter or edit all data.
- Permeation to the users to enter data or review only.
- Permeation to review all reports using smart phone ( in case of Subscription in smart phone with smart business)
3- Install any numbers of fingerprint machines in all branches to run the system and make a network using the internet without need of any computer in the other branches where the finger print machine is connected to the internet.
4- Install the basic attendance for the students
5- The responsible management of the program enters the national vacation to the system to be calculated with the delay or analysis days.
6- Install the fingerprint for the students or the ID card and reloaded to any number of machines at any time.
7- After completing all settings required that students report using finger print or ID card the program analysis data.
8- In case of forget of student attendance data, can be modified manually.