Automatic 24V Hybrid barrier

  • Hybrid technology: Hydraulic + Brushless motor.
  • Barrier with "unlimited duration" springs: more than 2,000,000 continuous use cycles guaranteed without extraordinary maintenance.
  • High logistical optimisation: a single barrier model and just two springs for modular bars of 2m and 8m, right or left version and for different speeds.
  • Removable cabinet available in 4 colours or in stainless steel.
  • Great opening speed (can be electronically cut off): of 1.5 seconds for passages of 2 m up to 6 seconds for passages of 8 m.
  • Easily programmable and technologically advanced electronic equipment: Integrated encoder (with reverse on obstacle detection), two integrated Loop Detectors, various logic and Master/Slave management of opposing barriers).
  • Anti-vandalism integrated LED flashing traffic light and LED lights for beam (accessories).
  • Compatible with foundation plate 620 and 640 (Retrofit).
  • Max beam length: 2.3 - 8.3 m.
  • Opening time: 1.5 - 6 s.
  • Use frequency: Continuous use.